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Choosing default workflow settings

Via the Workflow Options dialog, you can resize or sharpen a photo, or change its color space or bit depth, before opening it into Photoshop (the original raw or JPEG file isn’t altered). Your choices will become the new default settings.

To choose default workflow settings:

  1. Open a photo into Camera Raw, then at the bottom of the dialog, click the underlined link that lists the color space, bit depth, etc. The Workflow Options dialog opens. A

    Click to view larger image

    A Use the Workflow Options dialog to choose color space, bit depth, size, resolution, and sharpening settings for the current — and future — photos.

  2. From the Space menu, choose a color profile to be used for converting the raw file to RGB: Adobe RGB (1998), ColorMatch RGB, ProPhoto RGB, or sRGB IEC61966-2.1 (or “sRGB,” for short). In Chapter 1, you assigned Adobe RGB (1998) as the default color space for color management, so for optimal color consistency, you should choose it here, too.
  3. From the Depth menu, choose a color depth of 8 Bits/Channel, or if you have a large hard disk and a fast system with a lot of RAM, you can choose 16 Bits/Channel (see page 17). With those extra pixels, the photo will retain more of its original tonal levels when it’s edited in Photoshop.
  4. If you need to resize the image, from the Size menu, choose a preset size (in megapixels); all the sizes that are listed have the same proportions as the raw image (the original size is the one without a minus sign [–] or plus sign [+]). Resampling will occur if you choose a different size than the original. To help prevent loss of detail, avoid choosing the largest size. If the photo has a crop box, the

    Size menu will be labeled as Crop Size, and it will list the current crop size.

    • Alternatively, you can alter the dimensions (and/or resolution) of any photo via the Image Size dialog after opening it into Photoshop. See pages 134–137.
  5. Enter a Resolution value. The default resolution of 240 ppi is assigned to all photos by Camera Raw.
  6. Optional: To apply predefined output sharpening to the photo for your output medium, from the Sharpen For menu, choose None, Screen, Glossy Paper, or Matte Paper. From the Amount menu, choose the desired level of sharpening (Standard is a good all-purpose choice). Note: The sharpening values that Camera Raw applies aren’t listed in any dialog. If you want to control the values when sharpening, set the Sharpen For menu to None and use the sliders in the Detail tab instead (see pages 70–71).
  7. The Open in Photoshop as Smart Objects option converts the Open Image button in the Camera Raw dialog to an Open Object button, which opens the photo into Photoshop as a Smart Object. If you leave this option unchecked, you can convert Open Image to Open Object for any photo by holding down Shift. Learn about Smart Objects on pages 262–269.
  8. Click OK. Your chosen workflow settings will be listed in the link below the preview and will be applied to the current photo and to all photos that you subsequently open into Camera Raw.
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