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Posting to Creative Cloud for review

There are several stages to an edit, and when working closely with a client or in collaboration with others, it’s important to share your work and get feedback throughout the creative process. The edit is currently at a good stage to get the first round of feedback from peers or the client, so we’ll proceed to post the project to Creative Cloud for review.

One of the central components of Adobe’s latest creative software is the functionality that the cloud brings to managing media, and the ultimate flexibility that it provides in your creative endeavors. Creative Cloud allows you to upload project files and share media with collaborators so that you can work on your project from anywhere.

This latest roll-out of the Creative Cloud software includes Adobe Anywhere for video, a brand new service that allows you edit media that is stored on a different machine, entirely over the cloud. Now, with Adobe Anywhere, you can stream full-resolution edits, access files at the office from home, and network with collaborators around the world, to reduce the hassles of media management and maximize the time spent creating media worth watching. For more information about Adobe Anywhere, visit

Posting a file to Creative Cloud

Posting an Adobe Premiere Pro project file to Creative Cloud is very simple.

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. Enter your Adobe ID login email address and password, and click Sign In.

    This will bring you to the Creative Cloud Files page.

  3. Here, click the Actions button, and choose Upload from the menu.
  4. Navigate to your Lesson 04 folder, select your Poolside Edit 02 project file, then click Open.

    This will upload your Adobe Premiere Pro project file that you have been saving throughout this lesson.

    Once this is complete, you will see an icon for this file in the webpage. This icon will have a down-arrow.

  5. Click this down-arrow and you will see a Send Link menu command. Choose this.

A Send Link window will appear, allowing you to switch the privacy of this file. If you move the gray slider to Public, then you can enter an email address in the field below, and click Send Email to send a link to this file. This is how you can share a file with Creative Cloud.

Syncing Preferences in Creative Cloud

An advantage to using Creative Cloud is the ability to move from one machine to another without having to reconfigure workspace layout settings, personalized keyboard shortcuts, or Adobe Premiere Pro preferences. When you sign in to Creative Cloud from any Adobe CC program using your Adobe ID, these settings should sync automatically.

However, let’s go through how to sync settings manually. First, let’s look at the Sync Settings preferences.

  1. On Mac OS, choose Premiere Pro > Preferences > Sync Settings. On Windows, choose Edit > Preferences > Sync Settings.

    Here, you can specify which settings you want to sync: your preferences, your workspace layouts, and your keyboard shortcuts.

    The When Syncing menu allows you to specify whether to upload your settings (in case you have changed them on your local machine since last syncing), whether to download your settings from the cloud (to overwrite any settings you may have changed locally), or to always ask.

  2. Click OK.

    Now you are ready to sync your settings to Creative Cloud.

  3. On Mac OS, choose Premiere Pro > Sync Settings > Sync Settings Now. On Windows, choose File > Sync Settings > Sync Settings Now.

    A window for Adobe Creative Cloud Authentication will appear.

  4. Enter your Adobe ID and Password, then click OK.

And that’s it! Now if you use Creative Cloud on a different computer, your settings will automatically sync on that computer.

Now that you’ve learned some basic and advanced editing techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro, get ready to make some motion graphics with After Effects!

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