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Resizing Objects

Very often things need to be made bigger or smaller. InDesign gives you several different ways to scale objects. You can also use the bounding box handles to change the dimensions of the object visually. This is the easiest way to quickly resize an object.

To resize using the bounding box handles

  1. Choose the Selection tool.
  2. Choose which handle to drag based on the following options blue-a.jpg:

    • Drag the corner handles to change both the width and height.
    • Drag the top or bottom handles to change the height only.
    • Drag the left or right handles to change the width only.

    blue-a.jpg Use the bounding box handles to resize an object.

  3. Drag the handle. If you drag quickly, you will see only the bounding box of the object blue-b.jpg.


    blue-b.jpg If you drag quickly, you only see a box as you resize an object.


    Press and hold for a moment and then drag the handle. This shows a preview of the object as you resize the bounding box blue-c.jpg.


    blue-c.jpg If you press and pause a moment, you see an actual preview as you resize an object.

  4. Release the mouse button when the object is the correct size.
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