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Animate the image pan effect with keyframes:

  1. View the effect keyframes.

    Expand the video track that contains the clip by clicking the triangle next to the name of the track (Figure 15).

    Figure 15

    If you're using video track 2 or higher, you must also select the keyframe icon (Figure 16).

    Figure 16

    Because the effect isn't animated, the start and end keyframes will appear as boxes. See pages 317-328 of Premiere 6: VQS for more about keyframing effects.

  2. Enable keyframing.

    Make sure the clip is selected. In the Effect Controls palette, click the box next to the words “Image Pan,” to make the stopwatch icon appear (Figure 17).

    Figure 17

    In the clip in the timeline, the first and last keyframes become diamond-shaped.

  3. Set a keyframe that uses interpolated values.

    In the Timeline, set the current time to a later point in the clip--for example, one second after the in point (Figure 18).

    Figure 18

    In the keyframe navigator, click the box between the arrows. A checkmark will appear in the box, and a diamond-shaped keyframe icon in the clip (Figure 19).

    Figure 19

    This keyframe uses interpolated values: values calculated from the difference between the previous and next keyframes. Because the values of the previous and next keyframes are the same, the interpolated values for this keyframe are also the same. So far, there's no animation.

  4. Change a keyframe, using new values, to create the camera move.

    In the keyframe navigator, click the right arrow. The current time will cue to the next keyframe (in this case, the last keyframe) (Figure 20).

    Figure 20

    In the Effect Controls palette, click the Setup button to open the Image Pan Settings dialog box. In the Source image, shift-drag the corner of the box to resize the visible area of the image while maintaining its aspect ratio. Drag in the center of the box to reposition it in the source image. When the preview image looks the way you want, click OK (Figure 21).

    Figure 21

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