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A Trick for Shooting Great Rainbows


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Want to really bring out the vibrance and color of your shots that have a rainbow in them? Then use a circular polarizer (now we’ve got three reasons to have a polarizer: [1] bluer skies, [2] cutting the reflections in water, and [3] making your rainbows “pop!”). Just turn the circular end of the filter while you’re aimed at the rainbow and stop when the colors look their most vibrant. Easy enough to do, and the results are worth it. Now, beyond that, there’s a wonderful tip I learned from my buddy, and renowned landscape photographer, Bill Fortney. Bill says, “If you see a rainbow, drive like the devil until you find something interesting for the rainbow to come down in.” He doesn’t mean drive until you come to the end of the rainbow, or all you’ll get is a shot of that pot of gold. Just drive until you can find a gorge, or a water source, or something—anything interesting—for it to end with. Do those two things and you’ll wind up with a remarkable shot.

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