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Fixing the texture on the model

Looking at the previous pages, you may have noticed an unsightly join line between the two halves of the pear. This is a common occurrence when a texture is mirrored. There’s no perfect solution, but here are a few ways of getting rid of those imperfections.

circle_1.jpg You can see the join line clearly: it’s an unsightly gray streak between the pear halves, and looks unnatural.

circle_2.jpg You could try the Healing Brush – but this samples dark areas that are then further shaded by the 3D rendering.

circle_3.jpg You can use the Clone tool directly on a 3D surface, sampling a nearby texture: this works in bright areas.


circle_4.jpg Where the Clone tool falls down is in dark areas, as it samples already shaded texture which is then shaded again.

circle_5.jpg A good option is to use the Color Replacement tool, nested in the Brush tool in the toolbar. Sample a color, then paint it over the gray line. It works fairly well in most cases

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