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We Are Visual Beings

Vision is our most powerful sense. Therefore, designing messages that include images is a highly effective way to get people’s attention and help them understand and remember your content. Most live slideware presentations today still contain a lot of text. However, according to Dr. John Medina, author of the best-selling Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School (Pear Press, 2008), this is inefficient because our brains are not as good at identifying letters and words as identifying and remembering pictures. Says Medina, “Professionals everywhere need to know about the incredible inefficiency of text-based information and the incredible effects of images.” Dr. Medina says that all professionals should “burn their current PowerPoint presentations” and instead create slides that take advantage of our incredible ability to understand images. Each presentation case is different; however, evidence shows that we should strongly consider the use of images in the design of presentation visuals.


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Slides adapted from Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina. (Images in slides from

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