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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Sketching many concepts

Another reason that designers love sketching is because it’s fast and cheap. With nothing more than a pencil and some paper, you can sketch many concepts of one Solution Idea. This kind of exercise is called “generative” because the goal is to generate a lot of different possibilities.

For example, if your Challenge is:

Make biking more luxurious for bald people

And your Solution Idea is:

Design a helmet that is safe and comfortable for those who are hairless

You could sketch three different concepts for a helmet, like:

  • One with a sun-resistant screen
  • One with a built-in wig
  • One with slip-resistant rubber

Or you could sketch three different designs for one concept, such as three mullet styles for the built-in wig concept. Maybe you just concentrate on the design of the clasp for a while.

Sketching is collaborative. You can compare your sketches with those of others, or start a sketch and then pass it to someone else who adds to it. She may come up with an entirely different interpretation of where you were going!

Read the following case study and try your hand at creating multiple sketches.

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