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Design Practice Exercises

  1. Take a Big Five personality test at any of the many online sites that offer it. (Simply search for “big five personality test” or visit Look at the results that it gives you and ask yourself how well they match your preferred domains of play. Do the same with several friends—the more, the better. Write a short paper using this data to explain whether the results you got tend to confirm or to rebut Jason VandenBerghe’s hypothesis, or to produce inconclusive results.
  2. Examine a currently popular AAA console game (or your instructor may assign you one) and document any exclusionary material that you think it contains—content that would tend to discourage a particular demographic from purchasing it.
  3. Examine a number of games that are apparently marketed to a specific demographic such as girls or very young children. Document the design features that they seem to have in common. Be sure to address both the types of challenges they include (use the list in Table 1.1) and the details of their aesthetics—color palettes, typefaces, and screen layouts, for example.
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