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Macro Lenses

While some lenses may not be able to focus on anything closer than 18 inches (or more) from the front of the lens, “macro” lenses allow you to get much closer to your subject, helping you capture extremely close up and detailed shots (as seen in Figure 4.9 and Figure 4.10) that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise. With a much closer “minimum focusing distance,” macro lenses can open up a whole new photographic world.


FIGURE 4.9 The small minimum focusing distance of a macro lens allows you to shoot from a very close range, rendering images not possible with other lenses.


FIGURE 4.10 Flowers are popular subjects for macro photography.

Now that you understand focal length, your camera’s crop factor (if it has one), and maximum aperture, you’re set to give the salespeople a run for their money the next time you’re at the camera shop!

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