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Frequently Asked Questions about GoLive 5

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Shelly Brisbin answers the top five questions about Adobe GoLive 5.
For more information, see Shelly Brisbin's book, Adobe GoLive 5 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide.
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Which is better: GoLive or Dreamweaver?

Though I don't like everything about it, I'm partial to GoLive. I think the answer to the question of which is best depends on the person using the software, and what they need. GoLive and Dreamweaver are simply different programs. If you are interested in an extremely graphical interface, support for Adobe graphics software, and an extremely cool site management interface, GoLive is for you. If you're not, or if you've happily used Dreamweaver, by all means, keep doing that.

Will GoLive mangle my HTML code?

Version 5 is much kinder to code than earlier versions were. The 360 code feature allows you to work in GoLive and in other editors without risking mangled or mystery tags. If you use the GoLive layout grid, you'll see at least one custom GoLive tag-the one used to build the grid, but GoLive won't change tags created by other software. GoLive 5 adds another nifty code-related feature. You can work in the graphical layout view while viewing the underlying HTML code in a second window. This option is useful for experienced HTML coders, as well as for those interested in learning HTML by example.

Does GoLive work the same way on Windows that it does on the Mac?

Yes it does. There were a few notable differences in GoLive 4, but the two versions of the software have grown closer in the current version. There are a couple of little differences, and the keyboard shortcuts differ (Macs use the Command key and Windows machines use Control as a shortcut modifier) but that's about it.

Should I upgrade to GoLive 5 from GoLive 4?

You should upgrade if you need or want the new features of GoLive 5. I describe these features in the introduction of my book. GoLive 4 is a stable program, and most of the features in GoLive 5 are present in the older version. GoLive 5 is a solid upgrade, though, so I would buy it unless your budget is extremely tight. If you use an older version of GoLive (then called CyberStudio) by all means, upgrade to the current version.

Why is GoLive so slow?

This is an issue I have with GoLive. If you use an older Mac, you may notice that GoLive is not particularly zippy, especially at launch time. Even on newer machines, you may notice that it takes a while to get GoLive started. One solution is to disable some of GoLive's many modules. Each of them requires RAM, too, so disabling those you don't need will help when memory is tight. To disable GoLive modules, choose Edit > Preferences then click the Modules label to see all of the available modules. Modules that are checked are loaded and thus use RAM when loaded along with GoLive. Uncheck a module to disable it. But before you disable a module, click on it, then on the triangle below the list of modules, and read the description to determine whether it's really something you need or not. Some examples of modules you might not need include Dynamic Link, PNG Image Format, WebDAV and WebObjects. Others you may be able to do without are Smart Links and Site Design, but only delete these if you don't plan to use these GoLive features. You can find more information in the book about all of the features that these modules enable.

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