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HDR Project: Alabama Hills

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Don't let the weather skunk your shoot! In this chapter from The HDR Book: Unlocking the Pros' Hottest Post-Processing Techniques, 2nd Edition, RC Concepcion shows you how HDR can save the day.
This chapter is from the book

Tone Mapping the Image

The default setting needed a little bit of work, so I moved my Strength and Detail Contrast settings to their maximum values. Once they were set, I added some Color Saturation to taste—my taste usually borders a little bit on the oversaturated side here, but I’ll tone it down a little later. With that set, I dragged the Lighting Adjustments slider to the right and then increased the Tone Compression, and you can see the clouds and mountains start popping in.

The clouds are a little dark here and I don’t have enough contrast in the mountains. So, to counteract that, I’ll drag the Gamma slider to the left (giving me contrast), and increase the White Point (helping the clouds). While it’s not exactly what I would want in the clouds, I know I can fix them a little bit better in Photoshop.

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