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From the book Working with graphics

Working with graphics

To add the final design element to the postcard, you’ll import, resize, and position a graphic. Graphics used in InDesign documents are placed inside frames. Use the Selection tool () to resize the frame and to position the graphic within the frame. You will learn more about working with graphics in Lesson 10, “Importing and Modifying Graphics.”

  1. Choose View > Fit Page In Window.
  2. You will position the graphic in the upper-right quadrant of the postcard.

  3. Make sure that no objects are selected by choosing Edit > Deselect All.
  4. Choose File > Place. In the Place dialog box, make sure that Show Import Options is not selected.
  5. Navigate to the Lesson02 folder in the Lessons folder, and double-click the Berries.psd file.
  6. The loaded graphics icon () displays a preview of the graphic. If you click on the page, InDesign will create a graphics frame for you and place the graphic in it at full size. In this case, however, you will create a graphics frame to contain this graphic.

  7. Position the loaded graphics icon at the intersection of the two guides in the upper-right quadrant of the postcard.
  8. Drag down and to the right to create a frame that spans the column width. When you release the mouse button, a graphics frame is created. The length of the graphics frame is determined automatically by the graphic’s proportions.
  9. Using the Selection tool (), select the middle handle at the bottom of the graphics frame and drag it up. Align the bottom of the graphics frame with the bottom of the text frame to its left.
  10. Figure 2-21 Use the Selection tool to crop a graphic by reducing the size of its frame.

  11. Still using the Selection tool, position the pointer over the graphic to display the content grabber, which looks like a doughnut. Click the content grabber to select the graphic, then drag up to position the berries within the frame as you please.
  12. Figure 2-22 Drag the doughnut to reposition a graphic within its frame.

  13. Choose File > Save.
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