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Adjusting a Clip's Overall Gain

You can adjust the overall volume, or gain level, of a clip in the timeline by using a menu command.

To adjust the overall gain:

  1. Select an audio clip in the timeline (Figure 5).

  2. Figure 5 Select an audio clip in the timeline.

  3. Choose Clip > Audio Options > Audio Gain (Figure 6).

    The Audio Gain dialog box appears.

  4. Figure 6 Choose Clip > Audio Options > Audio Gain.

  5. To adjust the gain, do either of the following (Figure 7):

    • Enter a value for the gain. A value of more than 100 amplifies the audio; a value of less than 100 attenuates the audio, making it quieter.

    • or

    • Click Smart Gain to have Premiere calculate a gain value automatically.

    • Smart Gain normalizes the audio, attempting to boost the volume where it's too quiet and limit it where it's too loud.

    Figure 7 In the Audio Gain dialog box, enter a value to adjust the gain manually, or choose Smart Gain to have Premiere normalize the gain automatically.

  6. Click OK. The audio clip's overall gain is adjusted by the amount you specified.


  • The Compressor/Expander audio effect gives you more control of audio gain.

Controlling Audio Quality

You must maintain audio quality at every step of the production process: recording, digitizing, processing, and export. At each step, your goal is to capture and maintain a strong audio signal without distorting it. At the same time, you want to minimize noise: any extraneous sounds, including electronic hum and hiss. Audio engineers like to call achieving these goals maintaining a good signal-to-noise ratio; you might think of it as keeping the sound loud and clear.

If you use good recording and digitizing techniques, preserving audio quality in the editing and export process will be much easier.

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