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Using AirDrop with the Photos App on iOS

Using AirDrop with the Photos App on iOS

The Photos app is one of the most used apps on the iPhone and iPad. It is more than likely that you use it to view photos and show those snapshots to friends and family members. Using AirDrop, you can quickly send selected photos to another iOS device.

Once you’ve enabled AirDrop from the Control Center, sending photos is easy.

  1. Open the Photos app from the iOS Home screen.
  2. Tap a photo that you want to share.
  3. Tap the Share button , then tap any additional photos you want to send.
  4. On the iPhone, tap the Next button. Each selected photo is indicated by a blue checkmark in the lower-right corner of the photo’s thumbnail (see Figure 3).
  5. In the Sharing pop-up (see Figure 4), tap the device name where you want to send the items.
  6. The process of sending the photos will begin.

    If the generic AirDrop icon appears instead of any device names, check to make sure other devices are within range, and have AirDrop enabled (see Figure 5).

    If the AirDrop settings on the receiving iOS device are set to receive only files from people in its Contacts list, make sure the sending device is in the Contacts list or set the AirDrop settings on the receiving device to "Everyone."

  7. On the device receiving the photos, tap Accept on the alert that appears. The photo is added to the receiving device’s Camera Roll.

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