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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Personalizing the Storyline

You can personalize the trailer’s storyline by changing its text. Every line of text in the trailer can be rewritten. In this trailer, the main title at the end reads, “Nima and the Dog Bone of Destiny.” That’s a dramatic title, but the other titles throughout this trailer are the stock ones provided by Apple. You’ll personalize one now.

  1. Skim down to the title “On a Quest for Glory.”

  2. Click the word “Glory.”

    Most titles are divided into sections based on the style of the text in the title. You can see “Glory” has a different appearance in the viewing area than “On a Quest for.” You can change both pieces of text, but Apple divides them up to let you know which text will be in which style.

  3. Replace “Glory” by typing a bone.
  4. Click outside the text box to stop text editing.

    The changes made in the Storyboard pane can be seen in the viewing area as you type, and you can play the trailer to see the entire movie.

  5. Skim to the clip before the title in the storyboard, and press the Spacebar to view your changes.

Trailers offer a unique way to show off your video clips in style. And just like the movie you made in Lesson 3, you can share it to Facebook or another social network supported in iMovie.

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