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Exiting nano

When you’re finished editing in nano, you’ll exit it using the following steps.

To exit nano:

  1. ctrl-x.jpg

    Within nano, press ctrl-x.jpg. If you haven’t made any changes to the text since you last saved the file, you’ll find yourself immediately back at the shell prompt. If you have made changes, you’ll be prompted to “Save modified buffer” red_a.jpg.


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    red_a.jpg nano gives you the opportunity to “Save modified buffer.” Without the techno-babble, this means to save the text you just wrote or edited before you exit.

  2. At the “Save modified buffer” prompt:

    • Press y.jpg if you want to save your changes. Proceed to step 3.
    • Press n.jpg if you don’t want to save your changes. You’ll end up back at the shell prompt.
  3. bighairyspiders

    Specify the filename for your file if it’s the first time you’ve saved it. If you’ve saved it before, press enter.jpg to confirm the current filename or change the name to save a copy and not change the original file.

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