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Lesson Review

  1. What button determines if the playhead stays in the visible area of the window or continues off the right edge of the window?
  2. What window allows you to use your computer’s keyboard as a MIDI instrument?
  3. Where is the control that lets you make multiple-take recordings of a Software Instrument rather than a merged recording?
  4. Is Cycle mode required for single-take recording?
  5. How do you choose between takes in multiple-take recording?
  6. If you quantize a region in the Piano Roll Editor, what will happen?
  7. What happens if you Option-drag an arrangement marker?
  8. Which controls need to be turned on in the track header to record to multiple tracks?


  1. The Catch button, if turned on, keeps the playhead in the visible area of the window. When it is turned on, the window is in Catch mode.
  2. The Musical Typing window allows you to use your computer’s keyboard as a MIDI instrument
  3. In GarageBand General Preferences, you will find a control that you deselect for multiple takes or select for merged Software Instrument recordings.
  4. Cycle mode must be turned off to record a single take.
  5. You can click the Takes menu in the upper-left corner of a multiple-take region to change takes.
  6. Quantizing a region in the Piano Roll Editor will fix the timing of all the MIDI note events according to the specified value, such as 1/16 or 1/4 notes, which correspond to lines in the Piano Roll Editor grid.
  7. If you Option-drag an arrangement marker, all the regions within that marker will be copied, along with the marker, and moved to wherever you drag the marker. This technique is useful for duplicating parts of the song such as the verse and chorus.
  8. The Record Enable buttons need to be turned on in each track that you want to arm for recording.
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