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Using Catch Mode to Keep the Playhead Visible

While you record or edit your finished recordings, it’s a good idea to be able to see the playhead at all times. When Catch mode is on, the visible section of the tracks area or editor follows the playhead during playback and recording. If Catch mode is turned off, the playhead moves past the right edge of the visible portion of the window because the window doesn’t update.

Independent Catch buttons in the tracks area, Audio Editor, and Piano Roll Editor menu bar allow you to turn Catch mode on or off.

Let’s look at the project with Catch mode on and off so you understand how it works.

  1. Press Command-Right Arrow or drag the horizontal zoom slider in the tracks area to the right to zoom into the timeline until you can see only the intro and the beginning of the verse parts of the song.
  2. Check to see if Catch mode is on (the Catch button is blue). If not, click the Catch button to turn on Catch mode.
  3. Start playback and watch the playhead. When it gets to around the middle of the tracks area, the playhead remains stationary while the tracks scroll underneath the playhead.

  4. Continue playback. Click the Catch button to turn off Catch mode. The playhead continues moving off the right side of the screen.

  5. Click the Catch button again to “catch” the playhead so that it displays on the screen. The playhead will gradually work its way back to the middle of the tracks area while always staying visible, with the regions scrolling beneath it. When you reach the last measures of the song, the playhead moves toward the right until it reaches the end-of-project marker.
  6. Zoom out of the timeline until you can see all the regions in the tracks area again.

Now that you know how Catch mode works, you can make sure it is on when recording in the timeline. That way, you can keep an eye on the recording in real time as it forms a region in the timeline.

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