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Sharing Documents

From any of the Office for iPad apps, you can share your documents with other people by tapping a Share icon in the Recent list of the file manager; from a Share icon in the Open list in the file manager; and from a Share icon in the Ribbon of the app (4.15).


4.15 Share icons are available to you in the Recent list (top); the Open list (middle); and in the document’s Ribbon (bottom).

Tapping any of these Share icons allows you to share the document in one of three ways:

  • Email as Link creates an email with a link to the document. You can choose to allow the recipient to View Only or View and Edit the document. Your file must be on OneDrive to use this option.
  • Email as Attachment creates an email with the document as an attachment to the email. If the file is on your iPad, rather than on OneDrive, this is the only share option available to you.
  • Copy Link is similar to Email as Link, except that it just gets a link and doesn’t create an email. It’s useful for when you want to include a link in a Web page or social media message. Your file must be on One-Drive to use this option.

To share a document, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Share icon.

    If you are in the Recent or Open list of the file manager, use the Share icons to the right of the file name. If you are editing a document, use the Share button at the right edge of the app’s toolbar.

    The Share sheet appears (4.16).


    4.16 The Share sheet lets you share the document as an email or as a link.

  2. To share a link, tap either Email as Link or Copy Link.

    A second sheet appears, giving you the option to allow the recipient to either View Only or View and Edit the document (4.17).


    4.17 The Email As Link sheet lets you choose whether the recipient will be able to only view or edit your document.

  3. Tap the option you want.

    If you are emailing the link, an email message appears, containing the link (4.18). Fill out the email message and send it on its way. If you chose to copy the link, the link is placed on the Clipboard, ready for you to switch to another app and paste it in.


    4.18 The email message contains the link to the shared document.


    If you chose to email the document as an attachment, an email message appears, with the document included (4.19). Address and send the message.


    4.19 This email message contains the shared document as an attachment.

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