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Synchronizing Camera Raw settings

When you open multiple photos into Camera Raw, they are represented by thumbnails in a panel on the left side of the dialog. After adjusting one photo, you can click Synchronize to apply those settings to one or more of the other photos. Because it’s unlikely that every single adjustment needed for one photo will be perfectly suited to all the others (even photos taken during the same shoot), a more practical approach is to adjust subsets of the grouping. For instance, you could apply a settings preset or some Basic tab adjustments to one photo (say, to correct the white balance and exposure), apply those settings to most or all of the other photos, then select incrementally smaller numbers of photos and apply more targeted or specialty adjustments.

To synchronize the Camera Raw settings among multiple photos:

  1. In Bridge, select two or more photo thumbnails, preferably ones that were shot under the same lighting conditions and that require the same kind of correction (for the most accurate and consistent corrections, select all raw files or all JPEG files). Double-click one of the selected thumbnails.
  2. In the filmstrip panel on the left side of the Camera Raw dialog, click one of the thumbnails.A


    Click to view larger image

    A We opened four photos into Camera Raw. The thumbnails for the images display in the filmstrip panel on the left side of the dialog.

  3. Make the needed adjustments to the selected image (including cropping, if you want to crop all the images in exactly the same way). You can apply adjustments via the tabs or tools or by clicking a preset in the Presets tab. presets_button.jpg
  4. Click Select All at the top of the filmstrip panel or Ctrl-click/Cmd-click the thumbnails to which you want to apply corrections, then click Synchronize.
  5. The Synchronize dialog opens (it looks like the Save Settings dialog, which is shown on page 92). Check only the settings you want to apply to all the selected thumbnails; or choose a category from the Synchronize menu, then remove or add any check marks. Click OK.

    • To cycle through the photos in the filmstrip panel, click the left or right arrowhead below the preview (in the lower right). If more than one thumbnail is selected, Camera Raw will cycle among only the selected photos.
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