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Moving Objects

The simplest way to position an object on a page is to drag it to a new position, but you can also move objects by using menu and keyboard commands, or by typing specific numerical locations into a dialog box, as you’ll learn later in this chapter.

To move an object by dragging:

  1. Choose the Selection tool in the Tools panel.
  2. Click the object you want to move. A bounding box with eight handles appears around the object. This indicates the object is selected.
  3. Position the Selection tool on the edges of the bounding box (but not on the handles of the bounding box).

  4. Drag to move the object. If you drag quickly, you will see only a bounding box preview of the object being moved a.jpg.


    a.jpg Quickly drag to see the bounding box of the object being moved.


    Press and pause for a moment before you drag the object. The pause gives InDesign enough time to let you see a preview of the object as you move it b.jpg.


    b.jpg Pause before you drag to see a preview of the object being moved.

    You can also move an object more precisely. One way to do this is with the Move command in the Transform menu.

To use the Move command:

  1. Select the object or objects.
  2. Choose Object > Transform > Move. This opens the Move dialog box c.jpg.


    c.jpg The Move dialog box gives you numerical controls for moving objects.

  3. Use the Horizontal and Vertical fields to move the object along those axes.
  4. Use the Distance field to move the object an absolute distance.
  5. Use the Angle field to set the angle along which the object moves.
  6. Click OK to move the original object.


    Click Copy to create a duplicate of the object in the new position.

To copy an object as you drag:

  1. Hold the Opt/Alt key before you start the move.
  2. Move the object as described on the opposite page. A double-headed arrow indicates that a copy is being created d.jpg.


    d.jpg The double-headed arrow indicates that a copy of the moved object is being created.

  3. Release the mouse button. The copy appears in the new position.
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