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From the book Editing the corners of a Live Shape

Editing the corners of a Live Shape

After creating a rectangle or rounded rectangle, you can later easily edit the corner radius and the corner type. Next, you will edit the corner radius and type of the larger rectangle you drew.

  1. With the Selection tool () selected, click to select the larger rectangle beneath the other two shapes, and notice that the shape has four corner widgets that you can drag to edit all of the corners at one time (labeled in the figure). You may need to scroll down in the Document window to see it.
  2. In the Transform panel, click the Link Corner Radius Values button () to turn it off. That way you can edit the corners independently. Change the lower-left and lower-right radius values to 0.1 in.
  3. In the Transform panel, click the lower-left Corner Type button and select the Chamfer option to edit the type of corner. Do the same for the lower-right corner type (shown in the figure).
  4. Another method for editing the corners of a Live Shape involves editing the corner widgets directly on the selected shape(s), which is what you’ll do next. You may want to zoom in further to the selected rectangle.

  5. Choose Select > Deselect.
  6. Select the Direct Selection tool () and drag a marquee across the top half of the rectangle to select the top two corner points.
  7. Notice that there are now two corner widgets showing, one for each of the selected anchor points. Using the following method allows you to edit the corner radius and type for only the selected anchor points in one shape or across multiple shapes.

  8. Click either corner widget and drag it toward the center of the shape without worrying about how much right now. The corners of a drawn shape are referred to as Live Corners.
  9. If you were drag too far, you would see a bold red line appear, indicating that you can drag no further.

  10. Double-click either corner widget to open the Corners dialog box. In the dialog box, change the Radius value to 0.15 in and click OK.
  11. The Corners dialog box allows you to edit the corner type and radius, but it also has an extra option called Rounding for setting absolute versus relative rounding. Absolute means the rounded corner is exactly the radius value. Relative makes the radius value based on the angle of the corner point.

  12. Click the word Corners in the Control panel to show the same Corners options as a menu. Change the Corner Radius value to 0 (zero) and click away from the shape to deselect it.
  13. Setting the radius to 0 (zero) for the selected anchor points is one way of removing the corner radius from the selected anchor points.

  14. Choose View > Fit Artboard In Window.
  15. Choose File > Save and leave the Transform panel open.
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