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From the book Changing stroke width and alignment

Changing stroke width and alignment

So far in this lesson, you’ve edited the fill of shapes, but haven’t touched the strokes (a visible outline or border of an object or path). Every shape and path, by default, is created with a 1-point black stroke. You can easily change the color of a stroke or the weight of a stroke to make it thinner or thicker. Strokes are also aligned to the center of a path edge by default, but you can change the alignment as well using the Stroke panel.

  1. Click to select the bottom rectangle beneath the circle.
  2. Select the Zoom tool () in the Tools panel, and click that rectangle once to zoom in. You may need to move the Transform panel out of your way.
  3. Click the underlined word “Stroke” in the Control panel to open the Stroke panel. In the Stroke panel, change the Stroke weight to 5 pt. Notice that the stroke of the rectangle is centered on the edge of the shape by default.
  4. Click the Align Stroke To Inside button () in the Stroke panel. This aligns the stroke to the inside edge of the rectangle.
  5. With the rectangle still selected, click the Stroke color in the Control panel (to the left of the word “Stroke”), and change the stroke color to the yellow used earlier, the one with the tool tip “C=5 M=0 Y=90 K=0.” Press the Escape key to hide the panel.
  6. Press Shift+X to swap the stroke and fill colors.
  7. Choose Select > Deselect.
  8. Choose File > Save.
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