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Transforming Artwork in Adobe Illustrator CC

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In this excerpt from Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book (2014 release), you’ll create content and use it in a ticket for a sporting event. You'll learn how to add, edit, rename, reorder and navigate artboards, work with rulers and guides, move, scale, and rotate objects, reflect, shear, and distort objects, position objects with precision, position and align content with Smart Guides, use the Free Transform tool to distort an object, and create a PDF.

Note: This excerpt does not include the lesson files. The lesson files are available with purchase of the book.

This chapter is from the book

Getting started

In this lesson, you’ll create content and use it in a ticket for a sporting event. Before you begin, you’ll restore the default preferences for Adobe Illustrator and then open a file containing the finished artwork to see what you’ll create.

  1. To ensure that the tools and panels function exactly as described in this lesson, delete or deactivate (by renaming) the Adobe Illustrator CC preferences file. See “Restoring default preferences” in the Getting Started section at the beginning of the book.

  2. Start Adobe Illustrator CC.
  3. Choose File > Open, and open the file in the Lessons > Lesson04 folder on your hard disk.

    This file contains the three artboards that make up the front, back, and inside of a folding ticket for a sporting event.

  4. Choose View > Fit All In Window, and leave the artwork onscreen as you work. If you don’t want to leave the file open, choose File > Close (without saving).

    To begin working, you’ll open an existing art file.

  5. Choose File > Open to open the file in the Lesson04 folder, located in the Lessons folder on your hard disk.

  6. Choose File > Save As. In the Save As dialog box, name the file, and navigate to the Lesson04 folder. Leave the Format option set to Adobe Illustrator (ai) (Mac OS) or Save As Type option set to Adobe Illustrator (*.AI) (Windows), and then click Save. In the Illustrator Options dialog box, leave the Illustrator options at their default settings, and then click OK.

  7. Choose Window > Workspace > Reset Essentials.
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