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Straightening Crooked Photos

Adobe has been tweaking the way we straighten images for the past few versions of Photoshop. It now has the fastest and easiest way yet, and it’s built right into the Crop tool’s options.

Step One:

Open the photo that needs straightening, click on the Crop tool (C) in the Toolbox, and then click on the Straighten tool up in the Options Bar.

Step Two:

Now, find something in your photo that’s supposed to be straight or relatively straight (the ledge, in this example). Click-and-drag the Straighten tool horizontally along this straight edge in your photo, starting from the left and extending to the right (as shown here).

Step Three:

When you release the mouse button, your photo rotates the exact amount to perfectly straighten the photo. One nice feature here is that it automatically resizes the cropping border, so that when you lock in your crop, you don’t have any gray gaps in the corners (if you ignore the cropping border, and look at the whole image now, see those triangular gray areas? Those would be white if Photoshop didn’t crop in like this). Now, just press the Return (PC: Enter) key to lock in your straightening, and it straightens and crops the image down to just what you see inside the cropping border (the final straightened image is shown here below).

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