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Sync Settings

Imagine being able to sit down at a friend’s or co-worker’s computer to do some Photoshop work and, within seconds, you have all your own brushes, swatches, actions, patterns, and more, so it’s just like working in your version of Photoshop, your way. Or, wouldn’t it be nice to have your laptop’s and your desktop’s settings exactly alike? You can do just that by syncing your important settings with the Creative Cloud, so they’re always just one click away (plus, now you have a copy of your important settings backed up to the cloud, so if your hard drive dies or your computer gets lost or stolen, you can quickly get back up and running).

Step One:

Start by going under the Photoshop (PC: Edit) menu, under Preferences, and choosing Sync Settings (as shown here) to go directly to the preference settings for syncing (also shown here). By default, it assumes you want all your stuff synced, but if you’d prefer to not have one or more of the options synced, set the What To Sync pop-up menu to Custom, and just turn off those checkboxes.

Step Two:

If the date of your Last Sync was quite a while ago (time flies when you’re not syncing), you can go under the Photoshop (PC: Edit) menu, under your Adobe ID, and choose Upload Settings and it will update your Creative Cloud settings with your current ones (it only updates any settings you’ve changed since your last sync). Okay, so how do you use all of this on a different computer? Well, you start in the Help menu, where you choose Manage My Account, sign in to your Creative Cloud account, and then go back under your Adobe ID and choose Download Settings.

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