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Tip 2: Move the Camera or Move the Object?

If an object is selected, any moving operations you perform will apply to the object itself. If no object is selected, dragging with the Move tool will change the camera view of the scene instead. It's easy to mistake one movement for the other, but Photoshop CC 2014 makes the process much easier with the addition of three scene-moving icons at the bottom left of the window (see Figure 2). These icons allow you to adjust the camera position quickly and easily:

  • The first icon rotates the scene.
  • The second icon pans the scene up and down, left and right.
  • The third icon is used to “dolly” the camera, which means sliding it back and forth. (The name “dolly” is taken from the wheeled platform on which movie cameras are mounted.) This tool makes the object appear larger and smaller within the scene.

If you move an object, the rest of the 3D “world” remains static; if you move the camera, the lights and ground plane move as well.

Figure 2

Figure 2 The three icons at the bottom left of your monitor allow you to move the camera around in space.

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