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Tip 8: Make Merged Copies of Renders

After a successful final render, which may take several minutes or even hours, the last thing you want is to accidentally move an object in the 3D scene, or change one of the parameters, and lose the whole render.

When you've rendered a scene and you're happy with the result, follow this procedure to protect it:

  1. Hide all the other layers in the document. Hold down Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) and click on the eye icon next to the layer's icon in the Layers panel. This action hides all except the current layer.
  2. Select and copy the merged layers. Choose Select All (Command-A / Ctrl-A), and then choose Edit D Copy Merged (Command-Shift-C / Ctrl-Shift-C).
  3. Reveal the hidden layers. Hold down Option/Alt and click the eye icon.
  4. Paste a copy of the rendered view as a regular Photoshop layer. Figure 8 shows the result.
Figure 8

Figure 8 Make a merged copy of renders once you're happy with the appearance.

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