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Creating List Structures

Tables are ideal when you need to sort data and run calculations; but when you simply need to create a hierarchy of ideas, tiered numbered lists are a great solution. On pages 3 and 4 of the 2009_report document you’ll find an outline plan. Let’s format it using tiered numbers.

  1. Select the text on page 3, starting with the paragraph beginning, “The mounting,” through to the paragraph on page 4 beginning, “Mud ring.”

  2. In the Text inspector, locate Bullets & Lists. Set the bullet type to Numbers, use standard Arabic numerals, and select Tiered Numbers.


    Each paragraph now starts with a number. To create a tiered list, the paragraphs must be indented.

  3. Click the word “Firebox,” listed as paragraph number 2.
  4. In the Text inspector, click the Increase Indent button.

    The paragraph is indented and labeled 1.1.

  5. Click the word “Cab,” now listed as paragraph 2. In the Text inspector, indent the paragraph.

    The Cab paragraph is indented and labeled 1.2.

  6. Click the number 3 to select the entire bullet paragraph.

  7. Drag the number 3 upward. A blue horizontal line appears. Move the blue line above list item 1.

    The bulleted list updates the numbering using the new order. This function allows topics to be typed randomly and later structured for sequence and hierarchy.

  8. Choose File > Save to save a version of 2009_report.pages.
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