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Share Creative Cloud Libraries with Others

As of the December 2014 Creative Cloud update, you can now share your Libraries with others. This opens up a whole new way to share content associated with a project, for instance. Anyone you share a Library with needs to have an Adobe ID. If they don’t already have an Adobe ID, they can create a free one when they accept the invitation.

Libraries can be shared from the Creative Cloud website, or from within Illustrator or Photoshop. To share a Library from within Illustrator CC or Photoshop CC, start by ensuring that you have the latest version of Illustrator or Photoshop. You can then open the Libraries panel (Window > Libraries), select the Library you want to share, and then choose Collaborate from the Libraries panel menu.

Currently, the Adobe website is opened in the default browser on your machine, and you are taken to a page that shows the summary of content in the Library. You can then enter the email address(es) of those you wish to share the Library with and add a message if you like as well. After you click Invite, those you have invited can accept the invitation in the Creative Cloud Desktop app and will then have access to that specific Library within the apps (see Figure 11). They can add and remove content and even invite others. If need be, you can remove the invitation, essentially cutting them off from the Library. They will receive a message in the Libraries panel telling them as much.

Figure 11

Figure 11 Share a Library with someone else

It’s sort of crazy, but if they make a change to the content in the Library, add or delete content, or even rename the Library, your Library is also updated to match. Your Library and the people you invite (if they accept) are essentially linked together.

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