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Adding a Touch of Color on a Layer

To set off my pencil drawing, I added a semitransparent color overlay to the image. To create the overlay, I worked on a separate canvas, painting an area of gold with the Smudge brush.

To follow this color process, begin by closing your sketch. Your changes will be saved automatically. Open a new canvas in your project. Choose a color from the Color Themes. (I chose a rich gold.) On the Toolbar, tap the Brush to open its menu, and then choose the Smudge brush, as shown in Figure 9. The Smudge brush paints a rich texture. Use it to loosely paint a colored area.

For an interesting asymmetrical composition, don't cover your entire background. Figure 10 shows my example. When you're happy with the paint, click the Share icon and choose Save PSD to Creative Cloud. The file will be uploaded to your My Files folder.

Figure 9

Figure 9 Tap the Brushes icon to open the menu, and then choose the Smudge brush.

Figure 10

Figure 10 Roughing in the area of gold color.

Now you can access the colored file from the My Files folder on your CC account. Open your pencil sketch, tap the Picture layer icon to bring up its menu, and then choose My Files. Figure 11 shows the pop-up menu with My Files. Locate your colored smudge file, as shown in Figure 12. Select the image, and then tap the Open File button to place it into your sketch. Pinch to scale the image and drag to position it.

Figure 11

Figure 11 Tap the plus (+) icon to open the menu, and choose My Files.

Figure 12

Figure 12 The gold-colored image is selected in the Assets window.

Use the Opacity slider to adjust the transparency to your liking, as demonstrated in Figure 13. Then tap Done to exit the mode. Figure 1 at the beginning of this article showed my completed drawing with its color overlay.

Figure 13

Figure 13 Use the Opacity slider to adjust the transparency of the colored layer.

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