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My mission is to always let my viewers know how old a place was by the elements within the photo. That brings me to my next characteristic: artifacts.

Personally, artifacts are the most interesting things to find and shoot. Not only do they help me piece together the story of an abandoned place, but I think it’s fascinating to find relics from before I was even born. Hospital records, machinery, books, records, and other items from the past can keep me entertained for hours before I even bother shooting. When it comes to artifacts, the more unique they are, the more interesting they are to shoot.

Fellow shooter, Proj3ct m4yh3m, found some incredible artifacts in the basement of an abandoned veterinary school that has been lovingly dubbed “The Horror Labs.”

His shots have not only made me insanely jealous because of how unique the artifacts are, but the artifacts have also since been removed from the school, meaning I’ll never get to go and shoot them myself. Visit his website to view a full set of his awesome photos.

Almost every abandoned building I’ve been inside of has a chair, but only one of them has had gas masks left over from World War II. After you’ve been exploring for a while, it gets very easy to see the things that you rarely encounter. These are the things that I think make for special and interesting photos.

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