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The ActionScript Classes

Flash provides a full complement of ready-made objects and classes that can be used to build applications. Just to recap, an object is generally considered to be a combination of data (properties) and programming instructions (methods) designed to fulfill a specific role in an application.

  • Array—Used to store data elements in an array, as well as perform operations on those elements such as changing their order.

  • Boolean—Stores a true or false value.

  • Color—Acts as an interface, allowing you to change the appearance of any movie clip object that you associate with it.

  • Date—Used to store and manipulate date information.

  • Key—Holds information about the last keyboard key pressed while a movie is playing.

  • Math—Contains a collection of useful mathematical functions to make life easier. Math is instantiated by default and can be used at any time just by referring to Math.thedesiredfunction();.

  • Mouse—Includes just two methods, show() and hide(), used to control the appearance of the cursor.

  • MovieClip—Tied closely to timelines, allowing them to be manipulated through programming.

  • Number—Can store and perform operations on numeric data.

  • Object—Is the simplest object available. It contains no methods or properties, and it allows for the creation of custom objects.

  • Selection—Stores information about selections in text fields.

  • Sound—Allows for sounds to be attached to timelines played and otherwise controlled through scripting.

  • String—An object that can store and perform operations on strings of text.

  • XML and XMLSocket—Allow Flash to interact with XML data sources.

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