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Preparing to Create Mods

To create mods using ScriptCraft, you'll need to first download and install CanaryMod. Once you've downloaded the CanaryMod .jar file, you run the CanaryMod server by using the java command. On Windows, launch a command prompt (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt) and then type the following command:

java -jar CanaryMod-1.2.0.jar

The first time you run CanaryMod, you will need to accept Mojang's end-user license agreement (EULA). Open the eula.txt file in Notepad or another text editor, and change the line beginning with eula to read as follows:


After editing the eula.txt file, save and close it, and then restart CanaryMod:

java -jar CanaryMod-1.2.0.jar

This time, CanaryMod will continue the startup process, creating a plugins directory and many other files and directories.

Next, download ScriptCraft—a plugin for CanaryMod—from the CanaryMod plugins web page. Save the scriptcraft.jar file in the plugins directory; then shut down CanaryMod by typing stop and then pressing Enter at the CanaryMod command prompt. Start CanaryMod again; this time, you should see messages in the command window as ScriptCraft is loaded. At the CanaryMod command prompt, type the following command to verify that ScriptCraft has loaded:

js 1 + 1

If you see 2 displayed, ScriptCraft has loaded. The js command lets you execute any JavaScript statement (in this case, the mathematical formula 1 + 1). JavaScript is a full-featured programming language, capable of doing much more than simple mathematics. The next thing you should do is make yourself an operator by using the op command. Type op NAME (replacing NAME with your own Minecraft username) and then press Enter. The message Server opped player NAME appears in the console, and from that point onward you will have operator privileges in the game—which means that you have access to all of the Minecraft server commands.

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