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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

CheckBox Smart Clip

Check boxes are best used when you want your user to have the ability to select more than one choice for a particular question. The smart clip check boxes created in Flash behave the same way as HTML check boxes.

The parameters you can pass into the CheckBox smart clip are exactly the same as the ones for the RadioButton smart clip:

  • _name. The instance name of the CheckBox button on the Stage. By default, each instance is assigned an instance name of checkbox1.

  • checked. Indicates whether the check box is selected. Unlike with radio buttons, you can have more than one check box selected.

  • label. Indicates the text to be displayed next to the check box.

  • style. Indicates whether to display the check box using the Windows or Macintosh style. The default setting of "auto" causes Flash to display the button based on the operating system of the user.

Exercise 20.2 Adding CheckBox Smart Clips to the Stage

You add check boxes to the Stage in the same way that you add radio buttons.

  1. Create a new layer and name it CheckBoxes.

  2. Drag a copy of the CheckBox smart clip from the Smart Clips Library onto the Stage and duplicate it twice. Position all three clips in the Check Box portion of the Stage.

  3. If it is not already open, open the Clip Parameters panel by right- or Control-clicking a CheckBox object and selecting Panels > Clip Parameters.

  4. Change the parameters for each of the three instances of the check box to the following:

    _name: checkbox1
    checked: false
    label: Rose
    style: Auto
    _name: checkbox2
    checked: false
    label: Daisy
    style: Auto
    _name: checkbox3
    checked: false
    label: Gardenia
    style: Auto
  5. Save and test your movie. You can select as many check boxes as you like.

The next smart clip, the Menu smart clip, adds another level of complexity to the smart clips that come with Flash.

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