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Like this article? We recommend

Using Find/Change

Now that you've had a taste of converting paragraph tags using the Paragraph Designer, take a look at how to perform the same task using Find/Change.


There is no undo available for changes made with Find/Change. Be sure to save your document first (in case you need to revert to a previous version later), or work on a copy of the document to practice with.

Using the example of paragraph tags with an asterisk in front of the name, let's say that Title is the paragraph tag with the asterisk, and you want to change all occurrences of Title to H1 (already included in the Paragraph Catalog). Follow these steps:

  1. Click one time in a paragraph tagged with Title.

    You see an asterisk in front of the tag name when you look in the status bar.

  2. Select Edit, Find/Change, or press Ctrl+F to display the Find/Change window.

  3. Select Paragraph Tag from the Find drop-down menu.

    Because the insertion point is in a paragraph tagged with Title, Title is displayed in the Find text field.

  4. Leave the Find/Change window for a moment (but leave it open), and return to your document paragraph.

  5. Use the Paragraph Catalog to apply the H1 paragraph tag to the paragraph.

    H1 is displayed in the status bar area.

  6. Select Edit, Copy Special, Paragraph Format.

  7. Return to the Find/Change window, and select By Pasting from the Change drop-down menu.

  8. Click one time in the text field to the right of the Change drop-down window; press Ctrl+V (a keyboard shortcut for Paste) on your keyboard.

    Using the Edit, Paste menu does not work in the Find/Change window.

  9. Press Find and then press Change to find occurrences of paragraphs tagged with Title, and apply the paragraph tag H1.

The first time you perform this task, it's a good idea to press Find and then press Change to get a good feeling for what you are doing. After you are familiar with this process, this is a good task for the Change All selection.

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