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Like this article? We recommend

Converting Character Tags

FrameMaker's character tags are applied to selected text within a paragraph. The selected text then takes on the font and style properties of the character tag. Character tags are typically used to apply bold, italic, or other font styles to particular words within paragraph text.

The Character Designer lets you define formats for selected text within a paragraph. Each predefined format, called a Character Tag, is commonly accessed from these FrameMaker locations:

  • Character Catalog

  • Selecting Format, Characters

The Character Designer also contains commands that allow you to perform a number of tasks. This comes in handy if you need to convert all tags of a particular tag name to another tag name. You might perform this task if you have used one FrameMaker template and decide later to use a different one.

Here is an easy method to change all occurrences of one character tag to another. For this example, assume that both character tags are included in the Character Catalog. Here's how to change all occurrences of the character tag Emphasis to Italic:

  1. Using the Character Catalog, apply the character tag Italic to the selected text that you want to change.

  2. With the insertion point still in the selected text, press Crtl+D to display the Character Designer.

    Italic is displayed in the Character Tag name box.

  3. Select Commands, Global Update Options.

  4. Select Emphasis from the All Tagged drop-down menu.

  5. Press Update.

    You see an alert message, "OK to change all Emphasis to Italic".

  6. Click OK.

    FrameMaker changes all occurrences of Emphasis to Italic.


After you have converted the character tags, you can delete tags you no longer need. Use Format, Characters, Designer, or press Crtl+D to display the Character Designer. Then, select Commands, Delete Format. Click the tag name you want to delete, and press Delete. Deleting character tags no longer being used avoids confusion for future tagging.

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