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From the author of Critique & Recommendations

Open Figure 3 for a locator map to the specific recommendations listed below.

Figure 3 Critique & Recommendations Locator Map

  1. The tabs supply no additional value to the links in the Store Directory. A better approach would avoid redundant navigation options on the homepage.
  2. This search box is rather small, and Go is not as easily recognizable to users as "Search."
  3. This meaningless and hokey welcome message totally overshadows the more important sign-in feature.
  4. Sign Up Today is not a motivating user action, especially because there's no information about what's in the free newsletters. A better design could reveal some sample content and use "find out more" as the link text.
  5. Best Buys are lost in this area. A better plan would show product pictures and prices of some best buys and integrate this into the center of the page.
  6. The phrase Health Your Way is totally meaningless. This space would be better used to explain the interesting partnership between Rite Aid and
  7. At least this picture of a real person is relevant to the site's content. Because this is an actual pharmacist, it would be even better to list his name and title.
  8. The Pharmacy and Medicine Cabinet categories should be next to each other. The Personal Care category should be next to the Beauty & Spa category. There is confusing overlap between these sections as well. Bath Products would imply things like shaving products, but those items are found under Personal Care.
  9. How does Fastshop differ from Your List?
  10. The term Shopping Bag is not as standard or recognizable as the term "shopping cart. " It's good to integrate the Checkout and the Shopping Bag in this way, to tie them together. This message clearly shows that the shopping bag is empty; the bag fills with items as the user adds them.
  11. What exactly is the Service Center? What is the difference between the drug prices that you get here and the ones that you get from the Pharmacy in the store directory on the right? Why are drug prices part of a service center at all? A better design would have a simple link to Help in the upper-right corner and would include the other items in the pharmacy so that users have one place to look for drug information.
  12. The word Emedalert is odd and hard to scan quickly. It's better not to make up cutesy new words. Also, the trademark doesn't belong in the navigation bar-it should be included only on the page to which this links.
  13. It's doubtful that the phrase Primal Elements will mean much to most people. A better solution would highlight the promotional aspect and include the text "free gift." The description of this item is so silly that it's unreadable.
  14. More emphasis should be given to this Valentine's Day section than the one freebie gift to the left. Rather than using the vague link to great gifts fast, a better design would include explicit delivery information right on the homepage.
  15. What does preferred mean in this case? To whose preference is the site referring? View List is unhelpful, vague, and unnecessary. A better solution would just describe briefly what preferred provider means and have that description link to the list, or feature a few big providers and a link to other providers.
  16. Click Here should not be the link because it doesn't give any information. A better design would underline "gift with $25 purchase."
  17. Categorizing with words alone involves a lot of reading and doesn't facilitate quick scanning. A better option would be to show some small pictures of the items in each category so that the user can visually make a sweep of the store.
  18. Although it's good to promote unexpected product lines on the site and show pictures, this headline is needlessly clever marketese. Also, how do these items fit in the site's information architecture? Besides the homepage, what department would you choose for buying paper towels?
  19. This sale is easy to understand because of the simple headline and the photo of the featured items.
  20. Rather than checking prices, the site should emphasize its low drug prices. This Pharmacy area should also specify whether it offers generic drugs.
  21. Placing the Order Refills feature on the homepage is good because it reveals one of the major values of this site over a physical store.
  22. Funky, fancy names such as Baby Bloom make the user think too hard to figure out what they contain. What is the difference between Salon and the Beauty & Spa department? Illuminations sheds no light on what that category contains.
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