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Lesson Review

  1. Where are individual samples referenced and mapped?
  2. Where do you find the settings that determine how a sample is played, including key ranges?
  3. Which tuning parameter in the EXS24 Instrument Editor is used to tune by cents: Coarse or Fine?
  4. Are loop points set in zones or groups?
  5. Which EXS24 Instrument Editor parameter is used to smooth out transitions between the end points and start points of a loop?
  6. How are groups used in the EXS24 Instrument Editor?
  7. Are filter and envelope offsets set in zones or groups?
  8. What do multi-output instruments do?


  1. Samples are mapped in sampler instruments.
  2. Zones contain the settings for sample playback and key range.
  3. The Fine parameter is used to tune by cents.
  4. Loop points are set in zones because they refer to specific samples.
  5. The Xfade parameter allows you to assign a crossfade between the end and start points of a loop, making it smoother.
  6. Groups are used to assign common parameters to multiple zones.
  7. Filter and envelope offsets are set in groups.
  8. Multi-output instruments (such as Ultrabeat and EXS24) can route individual sounds to separate channel strips for isolation or further processing.
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