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Just Can’t Seem to Nail C&A

So, what happens when you get into a situation where you’re just not getting that C&A out of them that you want? I mean, they’re attempting to squinch and they’re working on the smile, you are coaching them up the wazoo, but it’s still falling flat. What do you do? Well, again, I’m layering it all in. So, what I do is to concentrate on continuing to shoot through it while teaching them the entire time. As they warm up, they will start to get it, you just have to keep being supportive and have some patience until it clicks with them.


Ade Otukoya

In the beginning of the session, I’m teaching them as I teach myself. I’m teaching them their angles that I feel work for their face. I’m getting their jaw line out. I’m looking at their body position and ascertaining how they move in front of the camera. I’m positioning their head and neck where I want them and seeing how they take direction. These moves are part of a system that I use that is coming up in Chapter 10, so we’ll be going in-depth on it there.

It’s really about dumbing down the session, so that they feel less pressure. Capturing their brain in a different way. Trying to get them to have an experience, rather than being so immersed in the pictures. Because, if they’re not taking my direction at all, or even if they are getting the squinch, but it’s not believable, it’s because they’re hesitant about something. Something in there isn’t clicking, so I kind of throw it all out the window, and start to mess with them a little bit more by telling them things that absolutely make no sense in order to get their mind off of it. It’s my ace in the hole and we’ll be delving into it in Chapter 6.


Greg Richman


Dave Moser

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