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The Rule of Thirds

One of the basic rules of composition is the “rule of thirds.” Using this principle, you simply imagine two horizontal and two vertical lines dividing your frame equally. Place your subject to the side of the frame (Figure 6.13)—it just looks more interesting than plunking them smack dab in the middle.

Figure 6.13

Figure 6.13 Placing the subject off to one side allows the lines from her arms to lead the viewer’s eye to her face.

ISO 200 • 1/100 sec. • f/5.6 • 35mm lens

Setting up the Grid Display

  1. Start by pressing the Menu button.
  2. Use the Control Wheel to scroll to the first tab of the Custom Menu.
  3. Press the Control Wheel to highlight and select Grid Line (A).

  4. In the Grid Line submenu, rotate the Control Wheel to highlight Rule of 3rds Grid (B). Select this option by pressing the center of the Control Wheel, and return to shooting.

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