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Using Manual Focus Assist

If you choose to manually focus, Sony a7-series cameras have a built-in feature that helps you achieve exact focus. Whether you have your eye to the electronic viewfinder or are using the LCD display to compose your scene, the MF Assist (manual focus assist) function will, once you start to make focus adjustments, digitally “zoom in” to the area on which you are placing focus so you can have greater control over where the plane of critical focus actually lands. Essentially, MF Assist is akin to placing a magnifying glass between the camera and subject so you can specifically adjust for exact focus. To turn on the MF Assist function, simply turn your camera’s focus mode to MF, or manual focus. (MF Assist is a default function of the camera, but if you want to ensure that it is turned on, select Menu > Custom Settings 1 > MF Assist > On.)

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