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Exercise-4-2 Growing into the current appearance


As the previous exercise shows, using the Grow preset to grow an object into its final size and position can be complicated. Fortunately, there is another way to have an object grow into position.

The finished file for this exercise is Exercise-4-2-finished.indd.

  1. Open the file Exercise-4-2-start.indt. This is the same artwork as in the previous exercise (A). Select the Glasses group and apply the Grow preset. Use the EIP panel to preview the animation.

  2. If it’s not already open, click the disclosure triangle to open the Properties area of the Animation panel.

    The Grow presets set the Animate menu to From Current Appearance (B). This means that the way the object currently looks is how it will look at the start the animation.


    We want the object to end at this position and size.

  3. Change the Animate menu to To Current Appearance (C). The way the object currently looks is the way it will look at the end of the animation.


    Notice that the label for the properties under the Animate menu now says Animate From. This means that the scale amount that is shown is the size that the object will appear at the start of the animation.

  4. Change the Scale amounts from 200% to 50% (D). The object will start the animation at 50% of its size and increase to its current size. Use the EIP panel to preview the animation. The glasses start small and grow into place.

  5. Just for fun, change the Scale amounts back to 200%. Use the EIP panel to preview the animation.

    The glasses shrink from 200% down to their current size. This technique is very helpful for sizing objects to where you want them to finish, rather than from where they should start.

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