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Exercise-4-4 Applying a rotation preset


In this exercise, you’ll learn how to apply the presets that rotate an object as well as change the acceleration of the rotation.

The finished file for this exercise is Exercise-4-4-finished.indd.

  1. Open the file Exercise-4-4-start.indt. This file contains dots around a circle (A). Select the circle and apply the Rotate > Rotate 180° CW preset from the Animation panel (B).


    Open the Properties area. The preset set the Rotate field to 180°.

  2. Set the animation to loop. Use the EIP panel to preview the animation.

    Even though the dots rotate only 180°, it looks like they rotate 360° because the dots are symmetrical.

  3. Experiment with the other rotation presets.

    Use the EIP panel to preview the animations. In each instance, the symmetry of the design makes the start and stop points of the rotation look the same.

    As you preview the animation, you may notice that the speed of the rotation is not constant. That’s because the Speed setting is listed as From Preset. This setting changes the acceleration during the rotation.

  4. Change the Speed setting to None (C). Use the EIP panel to preview the animation. Now the rotation is smooth.

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