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The Camera Raw tools A


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A The shortcuts for the Camera Raw tools are listed in boldface above.

In the upper-left corner of the dialog, click the Zoom tool, zoom_tool_icon.jpg then click the image preview to zoom in or Alt-click/Option-click it to zoom out. Or right-click with the Zoom tool on the preview, check Scrubby Zoom on the context menu, then drag to the right to zoom in or to the left to zoom out.org_star.jpg

Use the Hand tool hand_tool_icon.jpg to move a magnified preview image in the window (if another tool is selected, hold down the Spacebar for a temporary Hand tool).

For the White Balance tool, white_bal_tool_icon.jpg see the sidebar on page 60.

Choose the Color Sampler tool, sampler_tool_icon.jpg then click in the image preview to place up to nine samplers. A breakdown of the RGB components below each sampler in the photo displays in a readout below the toolbox; the readouts will update as you make color and tonal adjustments. To reposition a sampler, drag it with the Color Sampler tool. To remove a sampler, hold down Alt/Option and click it. To remove all samplers, click Clear Samplers.

For the Targeted Adjustment tool targeted_adjust_tool.jpg (or TAT for short), see pages 66–67 and 71.

For the Crop tool, crop_tool_icon.jpg see page 54.

For the Straighten tool, straighten_tool_icon.jpg see page 55.

For the Spot Removal tool, spot_rem_tool_icon.jpg see pages 90–91.

The Red Eye Removal tool red_eye_tool_icon.jpg works like the Red Eye tool in Photoshop (see page 317).

For the Adjustment Brush tool, adjust_brush_icon.jpg see pages 72–76.

For the Graduated Filter tool, grad_filter_icon.jpg see pages 86–87.

For the Radial Filter tool, radial_filter_tool_icon.jpg see pages 88–89.

Note: If tool settings are displaying on the right side of the Camera Raw dialog (if, say, you were using the Adjustment Brush tool) and you want to redisplay the row of tab icons, click one of the first seven tools.

  • The tools in Camera Raw are “memory-loaded,” meaning that you can toggle them. Press a tool shortcut to select a different tool, then press the same key again to return to the original tool.

Other buttons at the top of the dialog:

  • The Open Preferences Dialog button crw_prefs_icon.jpg (or press Ctrl-K/Cmd-K) opens the Camera Raw Preferences dialog.
  • The Rotate 90° Counterclockwise button rotate_ccw_icon.jpg and the Rotate 90° Clockwise button rotate_cw_icon.jpg rotate the image. The results preview in the dialog.
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