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Removing Distance Haze Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 14

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In this excerpt from Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Classroom in a Book, learn how to remove distance haze from your photograph.
From the book

Distance haze—the phenomenon that makes distant objects appear paler and less distinct than those closer to the viewer—is caused by water vapor and other particles suspended in the atmosphere. For some photos, distance haze (sometimes referred to as aerial perspective) may be a perfectly acceptable element, imparting a sense of scale and grandeur to an alpine vista, or adding to the steamy atmosphere of a tropical scene. In other cases, it may detract from a image by reducing contrast and obscuring detail. The Haze Removal tool, new in Photoshop Elements 14, makes it very easy to correct the problem.

  1. In the Organizer, select the image DSC_4567.jpg in the Media Browser; then, click the Editor button (pse12_EditorButton_cmyk.jpg). You should be in Quick edit mode from the previous exercise, but the Haze Removal tool is also available in Expert mode.
  2. Choose Enhance > Haze Removal (not Auto Haze Removal). The Haze Removal dialog opens, with haze reduction already applied at the level that would have been implemented for the Auto Haze Removal adjustment.
  3. Move both the Haze Reduction slider and the Sensitivity slider to the right to apply the maximum effect. You’ll notice a marked improvement in the clarity and overall contrast of the image, though the sky takes on a slightly artificial look. Toggle the Before / After switch to assess the result; then, click OK.

  4. (Optional) Choose Edit > Undo Haze Removal; then, use the Quick Selection tool to select the sky. Choose Select > Inverse, and then repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. Choose File > Save As. Name the file DSC_4567_Dehazed, and save it to your My CIB Work folder in JPEG format, to be included in the Organizer but not in a Version Set. Choose File > Close.
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