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The Ugly Anchor Point and Path

Almost all the anchor points in FIGURE 4.3 are the incorrect type. For any Bézier curve that you want to transition smoothly from one side of an anchor point to the opposite side, use a smooth anchor point, not a corner anchor point. Using the wrong type of anchor point will cause a curved shape to look pointed, as shown in the top arch of the vine.

More problems: Many of the anchor point handles aren’t parallel with one another, and some are pulled out too far, which prevents continuous flow through the art and makes parts of it look flat. Some of the other anchor point handles that form the remaining Bézier curves in the design are overextended as well.

Some of these problems emerge from sloppy building habits, such as not zooming in when you build, which can result in anchor points being placed in positions that aren’t going to work well. It all comes down to proper craftsmanship and paying attention to detail. FIGURE 4.4 shows the final context for this artwork.


FIGURE 4.4 The finished design has a total of 18 closed paths and 340 anchor points.

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