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Studio Backgrounds

One of the least expensive, and most popular, studio backgrounds is seamless paper. This paper comes in long rolls, and the two most popular widths are just over 4 feet wide (53") and nearly 9 feet wide (107"). The nice things about seamless paper are: (1) It’s cheap. A 53-inch-wide white roll that’s 12 yards long goes for around $25 (at B&H Photo), and if you want the 9-foot-wide roll, it’s only around $45. (2) It’s seamless. There’s no visible seam where the paper folds as it reaches the floor (or a tabletop), so the background looks continuous. (3) The stands to support seamless paper backgrounds are pretty cheap, too. For example, the Savage Economy Background Stand Support System, which supports both the 53" and 107" rolls, only costs around $79. That ain’t bad. And, (4) this paper comes in a wide variety of colors, from solid white to solid black, to blue, green, and everything in between (hey, that rhymes). If you’re building your first studio, this is a great way to start, because you can get your background and the supports to hold it up for around $100.

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