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Correcting camera shake

“Selfies,” and other photos captured when you’re on the move, can often be spoiled by the blurring caused by shaky hands. In Photoshop Elements 14, this problem is easily corrected with the new Shake Reduction feature. You can apply a one-click fix by choosing the Enhance > Auto Shake Reduction command, or control the way the correction is applied in the Shake Reduction dialog box.

  1. In the Organizer, right-click / Control-click the un-edited image DSC_3935.jpg and choose Edit With Photoshop Elements Editor from the context menu.
  2. Switch the Editor to Quick or Expert mode; the Shake Reduction commands are available in both of these modes. Choose Enhance > Shake Reduction.

When the Shake Reduction dialog opens, Photoshop Elements designates a Shake Region—a reference area which is analyzed for motion blur—and then applies an automatic correction across the entire photo, based on the amount of shake detected in the sampled area. You’ll see a progress bar at the center of the Shake Region while the shake reduction process is working.

  1. For our lesson photo, the blur is most noticeable higher in the frame; drag the Shake Region by its central pin to cover the woman’s face, making sure to include her earrings, which clearly show the double image that is typical of camera shake blurring.


You can resize a Shake Region by dragging the handles of the bounding box, or add multiple Shake Regions, either by dragging directly in the preview, or by clicking the Shake Region button (shakeregion.jpg) below the preview.

  1. Drag the Sensitivity slider half way from its default position to its maximum; then toggle the Before / After switch to see the result of the shake correction.

  2. Click OK, and then choose File > Save As. Add the suffix _Unshaken to the filename and save in JPEG format, with the usual settings. Choose File > Close.
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